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Lewis County Treasurer and Tax Collector

510 Oak Street, Room #4

Nezperce, Idaho 83543

Office Number: (208) 937-2341

Fax Number: (208) 937-9234

Lewis County Treasurer Pauline Malone

Lewis County Treasurer and Tax Collector Pauline Malone

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my tax notice and when are taxes due?

Tax notices are mailed the first part of November and are required by Idaho Code to be mailed by the fourth Monday in November for the current calendar year. Taxes shall be due and payable in full to the tax collector without late charge and interest on or before December 20th. Property taxes may be paid in full or paid in two halves with the first half due December 20th and the second half due June 20th of the following year. If the first half is not totally paid on or before December 20, a 2% late charge will be assessed until January 1st when a 1% per month interest fee will be added. Any payments paid after June 20th will be assessed the 2% late fee and interest going back to January 1st.

We accept the postmark for payments. If you are mailing your payment on tax day, you should ask the postal clerk to stamp it at the counter. Please send the bill stub with your payment.

May I pay by credit card?

The Lewis County Tax Collector now has the capability of receiving credit card payments for taxes through Access Idaho or Official Payments. You will need your bill number, amount of payment and tax year available when making a payment. For payments by phone, you may either call the office at 1-208-937-2341 or Official Payments at 1-800-272-9829. For Official Payments you will be asked to enter Jurisdiction Code 2229 when paying by phone. Credit card payment services are provided by a private vendor and all fees associated with the transaction are paid by the taxpayer. You will receive a confirmation number indicating that your transaction is complete. You may click on one of the vendors above to get to credit card payment sites.

May I make a partial payment or make monthly payments?

Idaho Code 63-906 states that any person, upon application to the tax collector, may establish a payment schedule to allow payments, including but not limited to, monthly or quarterly, in amounts of at least twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or the balance owing, to be accumulated toward the payment of current or future real or personal property taxes. The county shall pay no interest on any interim payment receipts, and the amount so deposited cannot be withdrawn by the depositor.

Why did I receive a bill when I pay my taxes through my mortgage company?

Idaho Code 63-902 states that the county tax collector must mail a tax notice to every taxpayer or his agent or representative. Since so many people are refinancing, I mail the taxpayer a copy and stamp it so they know that it went to a mortgage company. If a taxpayer pays off their loan or refinances, they have a copy so they know how much to pay.

What happens if I do not pay taxes on my personal property or mobile home?

If a personal property or mobile home owner fails to make timely payment on the first half on or before the due date, the unpaid portion of the entire tax shall immediately become due and payable and a late charge of 2% will be applied immediately and interest on the unpaid portion of the first half shall be added on January 1st of the following year. In the event that payment is not received, a warrant of distraint shall be issued and executed by the Sheriff’s Office.

I didn’t receive a bill. Do I still have to pay the late charge and interest?

If you do not receive a tax notice on property, this does not excuse the late charge and interest for non-payment. See Idaho Code 63-902(9).


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